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Home Plan Pro Portable
Home Plan Pro - отличная программа для быстрого и легкого черчения плана помещений, мест и архитектурного дизайна. Программа предлагает множество различных инструментов, которые помогут вам начертить план вашего дома, квартиры, жилых помещений и т.д. Пользователю предлагаются такие инструменты, как линии, овалы, прямоугольники, черчение стен, дверей, окон, арок, кирпичных стен, вставка изображений, текста, дублирование предыдущего элемента и многое другое.
Want to build your dream house? Add a room to your home? Whatever your drawing needs, Home Plan Pro is your best choice. Home Plan Pro is designed to quickly and easily draw high quality floor plans, site plans, and architectural designs. Home Plan Pro provides a full array of graphic tool buttons to let you easily pick a tool or action. Once you choose a tool, Home Plan Pro tells you how to use it. You may use the mouse or keyboard, or both, to create your plan.

Home Plan Pro gives you many choices for printing your plans. You may select a specific scale, or elect to have your plan printed at the largest size that will fit on the paper you select. While there are a number of impressive and powerful CAD programs available, they are more difficult to learn and use than Home Plan Pro. To preserve its intuitive ease of use and low cost, Home Plan Pro is not designed to compete with full-fledged CAD programs.

Home Plan Pro includes the home design tools you need:
* Easily draw arcs, rectangles, circles, lines, and so forth.
* Use the mouse, keyboard, or a combination of both.
* Add scaled dimensions with two clicks.
* Insert doors and windows with equal ease.
* Zoom in or out with a click to work on detailed parts of the plan or to see the whole of it.
* Create Layers that you can make invisible or visible at a click
* Draw a plot plan using metes & bounds. Calculate the area and acreage.

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Home Plan Pro Portable
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